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Vol. 1  "Who Made You?" is 27 songs covering the first 53 q/a of the catechism.  These songs teach the doctrine of God, of man, of covenant, of sin and salvation.
Vol. 2  "Who Loves You?" is 24 songs covering q/a 54 - 108.  These songs teach about atonement, the offices of Christ, and the ten commandments.
Vol. 3  "Who Keeps You?" is 23 songs covering questions 109 - 150.  These songs teach about the Lord's prayer, the sacraments, heaven and hell.

What does Catechism mean, anyways?

The term catechism refers to a simple question and answer format, used to facilitate memorization of the basics of a set of beliefs.

Historically speaking, churches and parents "catechized" their children to educate them about Christianity. Many protestant denominations derive their own catechisms from the Westminster Shorter Catechism, written in the 1600s by English and Scottish Divines. In the late 1800s, Joseph Engels adapted this body of work into what we call The Children's First Catechism.

Great Commission Publications adapted Engel's work to make it more accessible to moderns. They did a beautiful job of preserving the integrity of the original document.

GCP granted Ask Me WhoOo permission to use their adaptation for the 74 songs which comprise Ask Me WhoOo.

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